Christmas card design


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Christmas card design,
from screen printing to card design.
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sold another one!

Another masterpiece gone.




E-Learning Forum Poster

A poster designed to advertise the e-learning forum at Northbrook College.



Blinkbox Music Office Artwork

Project Manager

“looking for an artist to create a feature wall and perhaps art work on our interior meeting room windows. I will take this opportunity to introduce myself. I work for a company called Blinkbox Music (Tesco‚Äôs digital entertainment), and work in one of the satellite offices in Oxford, as Office Manager.

The image needs to represent a Music/ Digital Entertainment company. As a creative thinker can you help guide me and put forward a fresh idea for interior glass meeting room windows and corridor leading in to our open plan office. I would like the office to attract and be a little playful.

The artwork on the corridor wall will need to be temporary (a canvass etc.).”

Ila Pearson

Office Manager


m: +44 7795 664680

blinkbox music – the easiest way to listen to the music you love, for free


Teabag packaging for a shiatsu group

Teabag packaging for a shiatsu group



Brand New Screen Print

A Screen print designed with Brighton in mind.